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PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home)

What Is a PCMH?

A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a model of primary care that focuses on the patient’s entire well-being. As such, the PCMH includes a team of care providers (e.g. physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, social workers and educators). As a PCMH we work closely with patients and their families, recognizing the unique needs, cultures and beliefs of each patient. With MHC Healthcare we coordinate care between specialty care, hospitals, home healthcare and community services. We provide many resources to care for our patients 24/7 with such resources as, urgent needs, around the clock telephone access to a provider and secure electronic message through our Patient Portal. MHC Healthcare, as a participant of a PCMH, is committed to quality care and quality improvement. Using methods of evidence-based medicine, clinical decision support tools, shared decision making with patients and families and engaging in performance measurement and improvement. In short, as part of a PCMH, MHC Healthcare is dedicated to providing the highest and most complete level of care for each patient.


In May of 2011, MHC Healthcare dedicated itself to receiving recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for the Marana Main Health Center and its satellite locations. Between April and December of 2013, MHC Healthcare received Level III Recognition from NCQA under the 2011 PCMH standards for the Marana Main Health Center and ten satellites. MHC Healthcare is currently working to renew our recognition under NCQA’s 2014 PCMH standards.

This model of care is a team based health care delivery model led by a physician or nurse practitioner that provides comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients. Medical homes allow better access to health care, increase satisfaction with care, and improve care coordination activities.

MHC empowers patients to get involved in decision making and provide feedback to determine if their expectations are met. The Medical Home provides continuous overall care that integrates prevention, wellness and arranges care with qualified specialists and resources when needed to help patients make healthy lifestyle changes.

Media Kit

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Humans of MHC Healthcare

Humans of MHC Healthcare is an ongoing collection of pictures and quotes from real MHC employees. It shows our dedication to providing quality healthcare with a heart to all of our patients. We go above and beyond to give our communities the healthcare they need and deserve.

“What do you think is the biggest obstacle?”
“Teaching patients their rights and responsibilities, teaching them self-care, teaching them their responsibility as a healthy person or how to be on the road to being a healthy person. Some patients are not used to self-care, and they don’t have the self-appreciation to know that they’re worth the self-care. I think that’s probably the biggest obstacle is having patients take reign of their own life and realize that they are worth it.”

– Loretta Workman, Referral Specialist at MHC Healthcare’s Ortiz Health Center

“What makes Ortiz stand out?”
“We will go above and beyond. For example, we had a little boy who needed to see a surgeon, and we were able to get him an appointment. That was a huge success for us because we are so little. This office has such a good working relationship that we are able to communicate quickly and take action. We’re really just a nice family, and I think our patients realize that we’re a great team.”

– Loretta Workman, Referral Specialist at MHC Healthcare’s Ortiz Health Center

“I love my patients, I love this site. It’s been a blessing to be able to spend enough time with my patients, I’m able to explain things more thoroughly. I’ve been really happy out here. My goal is to take care of the people in this community.”

– Matt McConnell, Family Nurse Practitioner at MHC Healthcare’s Ortiz Health Center

“We try to fulfill everything for the patient’s needs. We are very resourceful – we make sure the patient leaves here with resources and knows where to go. We follow up. I do a lot of courtesy calls in between their appointments, to make sure they are situated after hospital visits, to check how their medications are doing, and if they have follow-up appointments. They really appreciate the attention, it shows that we care.”

– Rosie Navarro, Medical Assistant at MHC Healthcare’s West Side Health Center

“A person to me is made up of these three things – mind body and spirit. And if you look at everyone that way you’d be amazed with what you see, the littlest things make the biggest difference."
"We have several people that we have assisted in losing weight. A lot of people feel, especially people who are really overweight, is that the only way to lose weight is to go to the gym. We discuss simple exercises, like dancing to a song. I have found that if I tell them to dance to one song, that’s their first challenge. In reality that song has almost 3-4 minutes of movement. For someone who does absolutely nothing physical, that’s a big challenge. One of my patients has lost 15 pounds in 4, and it’s just dancing, getting their arms up in the air, getting ready for work. It’s good for your metabolism, gets them going in the morning, and puts them in a good mood. It makes a big difference, it really really does. With family practice you see so many different things, we have to think outside of the box sometimes to get them motivated.”

– Teresa Colunga, Family Nurse Practitioner at MHC Healthcare’s West Side Health Center

“I had a young lady who had cancer, but no insurance. She was struggling to get some type of medical help and she was getting a lot of doors shut in her face. We worked and worked, looking until we found a cancer center that actually took small payments and was willing to work with her. We finally got her some help. Which I think is very successful for this woman because she was in an advanced stage. She needed desperate help. I feel really good about the work I do here.”

- Merlinda Laturco, Referrals Specialist at MHC Healthcare’s Flowing Wells Family Health Center

“The Flowing Wells Health Center location has been here a really long time and the people in this community have really come to depend on us. So I want to assure them that we will always have services and wonderful providers available to them. And that we are a community health center, so we are for the people, by the people. I just hope that they understand no matter what we will be there for them. I hope the community knows we are here for them. I love being able to make a difference.”

- Star Ewer, Medical Assistant at the Flowing Wells Family Health Center

“I like the Ellie Towne Health Center because it’s a little smaller, and I have more time with my patients and I get to know them better. We see a regular group of patients here. There’s a better continuation of treatment. It’s great that dental and medical is in the same location here because I can refer my dental patients to medical. I love that I get to give my patients the attention they want.”

Amanda Serrano, Dentist at the Ellie Towne Health Center

“A patient came in because she was concerned about a lump in her breast. The MA Care coordinator and the RN Case Management is a new team within MHC. This was the first time it had a profound impact in a patient’s life. This patient found the lump, came in for our services, and right away she was panicked. What is she going to do? Where is she going to go? Our care coordinator on site actually made arrangements and got all the paperwork she needed for a mammogram. The patient was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. The Care Coordinator helped her through everything, was on the phone with her constantly to help find resources within the community. In the end, this patient qualified to not have to pay anything for her mammogram. The MA Coordinator was able to find programs which financially covered her entire treatment and surgery. After getting this life changing, ground rattling, horrible news, we were able to provide a safety net - that’s what we're here for, that’s what drives us. It’s making those changes and impacts in people’s lives that fuel us forward. I’m proudest of this story and I want these stories to continue. It’s awful when people get sick, but it happens, and any time that we can step in and be a partner with a patient, it’s a beautiful thing.”

– James Workman, Practice Manager at Clinica Del Alma Health Center.

“We have a high diabetic population and many patients think that if they take their medication they will be okay. But that’s not always the case. So we do a lot of follow up to make sure they stay healthy. Our goal is to make sure they continue their medication. Their health is our biggest priority. We do whatever we can to help our patients.

– Dr. Eloisa Vega (right) and her medical assistant Yara Sandoval (left) at Clinica Del Alma Health Center